The early days in your new practice – management and leadership


“Leadership is all about inspiring others to align with your vision statement. Management is making sure that everyone is following that vision with actions that meet the company’s objectives”

So, you’ve identified the need for a new practice, taken the opportunity, financed the business and equipped your premises, sorted suppliers, services, PMS, marketing and recruitment, and your brand-new practice is finally operational! Now it’s down to you to run the business.

Owning and running a vet practice is hard work, and the responsibility can feel intimidating. However, the New Practice Academy, launched as a session at London Vet Show 2023 and supported by the NVS Group, is a resource that can support individuals in their journey to open a new practice, and inspired this series of articles. The first article in this series examined the changing veterinary landscape and the need to support new practices, while the second summarised the key considerations for new practices. This third article, based on the live panel discussion at LVS 2023, looks at the subjects of leadership and management and what is useful to know in the early days of your new practice’s operation.