Equine Diagnostics


Equine Diagnostics

At NationWide Laboratories, we understand the importance of accurate and timely diagnostic testing in the equine industry. Our comprehensive laboratory testing services are designed to help you diagnose and manage conditions affecting horses, ensuring that your equine patients receive the best possible care.

Our team of equine specialists ensures that our clients receive the most accurate and reliable results. We offer a range of testing options, including biochemistry, haematology, serology, histology and microbiology, to help you make informed and confident medical decisions.

By using our comprehensive testing services, you can gain valuable insights into your patients’ health and identify potential issues early on. This enables you to take proactive steps to prevent and manage conditions, such as:

  • Laminitis
  • Colic
  • Respiratory disease
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Parasitic disease e.g. Strongyle infections, including Cyathostomes
  • Infectious diseases, including Equine infectious anaemia (EIA), Equine herpesvirus (EHV)
  • CEM screening

Our profiles are designed to provide a thorough understanding of your equine patients’ health status, including:

  • Liver function
  • Kidney function
  • Muscle damage
  • Inflammation

By partnering with NationWide Laboratories, you will benefit from our expertise in equine diagnostics, while also enjoying the convenience and efficiency of the NVS Group resources. With our comprehensive range of testing options, quick turnaround times, competitive pricing, timely communication, digital pathology services and courier collections in eligible parts of the UK, you can trust that you are in good hands.

As an equine practice, partnering with NVS Group provides you with a single point of contact for all your needs. You can access wholesale products, laboratory services, industry-leading practice management software, and NVS own range of products – all under one roof. This streamlined approach ensures seamless communication and coordination between your practice’s various departments, allowing you to focus on delivering care to your patients. With NVS Group, you will enjoy a single point of contact for all your needs, reducing the complexity and administrative burden associated with managing multiple vendors. By partnering with us, you will be able to simplify your operations and focus on what matters most – providing exceptional service to your patients.

To learn more about how NationWide Laboratories can support your equine practice, or to discover how partnering with NVS Group can benefit your business, please contact us at nvs.enquiry@nvs-ltd.co.uk and quote ‘NWL Equine Offer’ or reach out to your territory manager for more information.

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