Taking the initiative to support new practice owners


The New Practice Academy is a programme launched by NVS Group and the London Vet Show to support veterinary professionals who are considering starting their own independent practice. The programme aims to provide practical support and advice to help these professionals navigate the process of setting up their own practice.

The initiative is designed to address the growing trend of entrepreneurship among young vets, who are seeking a different approach to traditional partnership models. The programme includes a series of conference sessions, networking opportunities, and one-on-one meetings with exhibitors at the LVS event.

The programme’s director, Harry Norman, notes that the feedback from the original live panel discussion prompted an increased focus on debate and up-to-date information from industry experts, as well as guidance from practice owners who have been there themselves and are keen to share their experiences to help others.

The programme’s partners, NVS, NationWide Laboratories and VetIT, are committed to providing ongoing support to new practice owners. The goal is to build a community of practice owners who can support each other in their journey to start and grow their own practices.