So, you want to open a practice: what’s next?


The process of preparing to open a veterinary practice can feel insurmountable, but luckily resources are emerging to help individuals open their own practice. This article from Veterinary Practice provides an overview of the steps involved in establishing a new practice.

David Charvill, director of laboratory services at NationWide Laboratories, has worked with numerous successful new practices. He advises, “There are so many factors that can influence the decision to work with a lab, from basic costs to the quality of their courier service – but the key factor is the support and advice they can offer, not just during set-up but on an ongoing basis as the practice grows and develops.”

He continues, “Are we competitive on those other factors? Certainly, as part of the NVS Group we can offer a great-value service. But our priority has always been the people we support and the relationships we build.”