Nichola Griffiths – The quiet courage of a shy heart


Nichola Griffiths, a Senior Laboratory Scientist at Nationwide Laboratories, has had a fulfilling career path in the veterinary industry. She began by working part-time in care homes as a teenager, which sparked her interest in nursing. However, she didn’t pursue a nursing degree and instead became a veterinary nurse, where she worked for 10 years before joining Nationwide Laboratories.

Throughout her career, Nichola has demonstrated her passion for animal care and her dedication to her work. She shared stories about her time as a veterinary nurse, where she formed strong bonds with her clients and their pets. She also spoke about her experience in the microbiology department at Nationwide Laboratories, where she has been able to utilise her skills and knowledge to make a positive impact. Nichola’s journey is also marked by her many hobbies and interests outside of work. She enjoys playing the drums, gardening, and cooking. She also has a passion for bee conservation and has an allotment. Despite her many accomplishments, Nichola remains humble and grounded. She is proud of her work and the difference she is making. She is also grateful for the opportunities she has had to learn and grow.

Overall, the interview highlights Nichola’s remarkable journey from a shy teenager to a successful laboratory scientist. It shows how people can overcome their fears and doubts to achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives.