Kerry Freel – A passion to learn


An interview with Kerry Freel on how curiosity can shape your life, by Fiona Farmer BVSc MRCVS

I could have spoken to Kerry all day. She is wickedly funny and bubbly, immensely intelligent without a hint of arrogance and exactly what I think of when I think of “a good vet”.  Kerry is living life at 100mph balancing work, family and continued learning and seems entirely content and happy doing so. I wondered what her younger self would think if she were to see her now? “I think she would think I’m absolutely crazy! Young Kerry was never getting married or having kids and she was going to be a zoo vet and go live in Africa, so none of that happened! But this is the way life takes you, you might have a plan but there’s no point having a strict plan as life doesn’t go like that and you just have to roll with the punches. The advice I would go back and give my younger self is to just be yourself and do what you’re doing. Do what you want to do, and you’ll end up on the right path”.