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The measurement of hormones requires a higher level of analytical complexity than the routine clinical chemistries and usually requires techniques that depend on using antibodies to recognise the hormone molecules. Therefore, a separate lab, NationWide Specialist Laboratories, was established as part of our lab group to specialise in veterinary endocrinology.

We have a wide range of knowledge, expertise and equipment, and our diagnostic services are supported by access to several world-renowned veterinary clinical and laboratory endocrinologists. We use a wide range of high-quality techniques for hormone analysis, including highly sensitive radioimmunoassays, ensuring you can confidently make the right diagnosis every time.

In addition to routine endocrinology tests, we also offer:

  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Reproductive testing

You can find the full range of endocrinology tests we offer in our Service List or take a look at our Lab Facts book and Cambridge Handbook if you’d like to know more about endocrinology tests.

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