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Dermatology, Allervet® & Artuvetrin® Therapy


Dermatology, Allervet® & Artuvetrin® Therapy

NationWide Laboratories is proud to provide you with our allervet® service, bringing a comprehensive package to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic disease in Canine, Feline and Equine patients. Allergic skin disease can be some of the most frustrating conditions to treat but the allervet® system aims to take the stress out of the diagnosis and treatment process.

What is allervet®?

allervet ® is a comprehensive allergy testing service for cats, dogs and horses, supported by our excellence. We offer a friendly service and rapid, reliable results to help you fulfil your diagnostic and therapeutic objectives. We have now introduced a new testing method for allervet® service: PAX® Pet Allergy Xplorer Test powered by Nextmune.

The new method identifies allergens affecting animals and detects sensitisations by utilising state of the art molecular allergology. Molecular allergology helps pinpoint allergy triggers to facilitate therapy decisions and assess risk. It is the first quantitative macroarray IgE test designed specifically for animals. Single allergen components as well as whole allergen extracts are used for determination of specific IgE. The molecular components are recombinant proteins that provide a higher level of standardisation than allergen extracts and enable a more precise identification of IgE sensitisations.

What are the advantages of the new testing method for allervet® service?

  • Intelligent panels, including environmental, insect and food allergens
  • Increased sensitivity and specificity
  • Automated technology, giving improved reproducibility
  • CCD blocking and 2 blocking efficiency detectors
  • Over 200 allergen extracts and components included
  • Smaller sample volume: only 0.5 ml of serum needed per test
  • Identification of ”primary” sensitizing allergens
  • Improved identification of allergen cross-reactivities, leading to better treatment selection
  • Allergen extract and individual component results are given in the final report as well as information on cross reactions
  • Compatible Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy vaccination, Artuvetrin®, can be produced

Note: All samples for environmental testing are tested for the presence of cross-reactive carbohydrate determinants. If they are present CCD blockers are added to the environmental tests.

How do I use allervet® for my patients?

allervet® information packs are available upon request, please contact us and our team of expert advisors will help.

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We also offer a range of routine dermatology tests for canine, feline, equine and farm species which include:

  • Microscopy of skin scrapes, swabs, hair, or fleece
  • Dermatophyte, dermatophilus, and aerobic bacteria culture
  • Antibiotic sensitivity testing

You can find the full range of dermatology and allergy tests we offer in our Service List or take a look at our Lab Facts handbook if you’d like to know more about dermatology or immunological tests.

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