With our Hydrotherapy service you can demonstrate to your clients that your facility meets the guidelines for water safety and quality. We will provide a printed enumerated result for Total Viable Count a 37°C for 24 hours, Total Coliforms, E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and provide guidance for interpretation.

How to take your sample

  1. 1 Sampling should be taken with the pool in use, preferably when heavily loaded or immediately afterwards.
  2. 2 Water should be sampled at the deep end away from any inlets.
  3. 3 Please take the sample, taking extra care that nothing touches inside or around the neck of the bottle or the bottle lid.
  4. 4 Only use the bottle provided.
  5. 5 The bottle should be immersed in an almost horizontal position with a slight tilt to allow the water to flow in but not allow the neutralising agent within the bottle to escape.
  6. 6 The sample should then be labelled with sampling details:
    • Name of facility,
    • Date and time taken
    • Any relevant information provided
  7. 7 The sample should be sent to the laboratory without delay well packaged including a cool pack, submission form and a prepaid postage label to return the sample.
If testing for Legionella, then a separate 1 litre sample must be taken. This should also be submitted as soon as possible following instructions above, however this sample must be kept a room temperature (not chilled) and protected from light (i.e. place in a sealed box/appropriate packaging), submission form and a prepaid postage label to return the sample.

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